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Frequently Asked Questions

Exemptions and Assistance Programs

1) Are exemptions and assistance programs available to property owners that help defray the amount of taxes due? 

Yes. Through the Assessor's Office you can apply for the homeowner's property tax exemption, veteran's exemption, or church and welfare exemption. These programs allow for assessment exemptions that result in tax savings. For further information, contact the Assessor's Office at (707) 565-1888, or visit their website at

In addition, the State of California administers programs that provide property tax assistance and postponement of property taxes to qualified homeowners and renters who are 62 or older, blind, or disabled. For information on the State's Homeowner or Renter Assistance Program, call the California Franchise Tax Board at (800) 868-4171. For information on the Property Tax Postponement Program, call the California State Controller's Office at (800) 952-5661.