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The Sonoma Green Business Program is a partnership of government agencies and utilities that assists, recognizes, and promotes local organizations, focusing on small- to medium-sized consumer-oriented businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To be certified, participants must be in compliance with all environmental regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste.

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A Green Business…

  • Is recognized as an environmental leader
  • Strengthens its bottom line through operating efficiencies
  • Improves employee morale and creates an overall healthy workplace
  • Demonstrates community good will
  • Holds a marketing edge

Green Businesses receive recognition through:

See Get Certified to learn how your business can get certified.

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Some actions Green Businesses take:

  • Buying recycled paper and copying double-sided
  • Cleaning with less toxic products
  • Using efficient lighting systems to save energy
  • Walking, biking, taking transit or buying hybrid vehicles
  • Remodeling with green materials and low-VOC paint
  • Recycling office paper and ink cartridges
  • Conserving water with high-efficiency toilets and faucet aerators

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