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Request for Proposals/Request for Qualification

Listing of County Request for Proposals organized by Date Closed

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Release Date Request Department Contact Due Date

Request for Proposals –
Client Support Services (CSS)
(PDF: 316 kB)

Addendum 1
(PDF: 25 kB)

Addendum 2
(PDF: 27 kB)

Human Services Department Regina de Melo
5:00 PM (PT)

This Request for Proposal is for Client Support Services. These are supportive services in the areas of Parenting Education, Supervised Visitation and Resource Assistance that are offered to families with active Child Welfare cases.


Request for Proposals –
Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Services
(PDF: 205 kB)

Questions and Answers as of March 20, 2014
(PDF: 305 kB)

Questions and Answers as of April 2, 2014
(PDF: 256 kB)

Probation Larissa Heeren
2:00 PM (PT)
Sampel Agreement
(PDF: 819 kB)
Cover Page
(PDF: 24 kB)
Local Business Declaration
(Word: 57kB)
This request for proposals will identify a juvenile sex offender treatment service provider for Sonoma County Probation. The selected bidder will provide sex offense-specific treatment including group, family and individual therapy sessions.
03/14/2014 Request for Qualifications –
Professional Planning Services
(PDF: 316 kB)
Permit and Resource Management Department Amy Lyle
4:00 PM (PT)

The County of Sonoma is seeking qualified individuals, firms or multi-disciplinary teams to assist the Permit and Resource Management Department in developing Specific Plans, Area Plans and Train Station Area Plans.

02/28/2014 Request for Proposals –
Criminal Justice Master Plan Update
(PDF: 90 kB)
Questions & Answers
(PDF: 91 kB)
County Administrator's Office Mary Booher
2:00 PM (PT)
Attachment A - Service Agreement
(PDF: 73 kB)
Attachment K - California System Logic Model
(PDF: 98 kB)
Attachment L - Local Business Declaration
(PDF: 45 kB)
Attachment B - RFP Cover
(PDF: 24 kB)
Attachment C - Alternatives to Incarceration
(PDF: 30 kB)
Attachment D - CBO Listing
(PDF: 28 kB)
Attachment E - Criminal Justice System Members
(PDF: 14 kB)
Attachment F - Adult Detention Projections Report
(PDF: 828 kB)
Attachment G - Criminal Justice Council Description
(PDF: 11 kB)
Attachment H - So Co Criminal Justice Master Plan 1
(PDF: 8.16 MB)
Attachment I - So Co Adult Criminal Justice Master Plan
(PDF: 11.05 MB)
Attachment J - Sonoma County 2013-2014 CCP
(PDF: 45 kB)

The primary goal is to update the 2009 Sonoma County Adult Criminal Justice Phase 2 Master Plan, taking into account and specifically identifying, where possible, the impacts of Public Safety Realignment and other change that has occurred since the Phase 2 Master Plan was accepted.

03/19/2014 Request for Proposals –
SonomaWORKS Resource Assistance Services
Human Services Department Julie Sabbag-Maskey
2:00 PM (PT)

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued by the County of Sonoma Human Services Department, Employment and Training Division. The purpose of this RFP is to procure a provider(s) to deliver Resource Assistance Services to participants of SonomaWORKS which provides assistance to SonomaWORKS participants in building the necessary skills to become employable. The long-term goal of SonomaWORKS is to have program participants become self-sufficient: able to meet their basic needs of housing, food, child care, transportation, clothing, and related work expenses without the need for public assistance. Eligible proposal applicants include individuals, private for-profit, and public or private non-profit agencies.


Request for Qualifications -
Vendors to Serve Adult & Aging Services Program Clients
(PDF: 58 kB)

Addendum #1
(PDF: 26 kB)

Questions & Answers as of April 9, 2014
(PDF: 67 kB)

Human Services Department Tracy Repp

2:00 PM (PT)
Attachment A - Vendor Application
(PDF:53 kB)
Attachement B - Definition of Eligible Services
(PDF: 104 kB)
Attachment C -Licensure & Certification
(PDF: 75 kB)
Attachment D - Attestation
(PDF: 39 kB)
Sonoma County Human Services Department Adult & Aging Division (HSD) contracts with individuals and/or agencies to provide services to assist seniors to remain safely at home. This RFQ will be used to establish a new list of qualified and approved vendors to provide services on a purchase of service basis

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