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County of Sonoma Probation Department
Photo of main entrance to Juvenile Justice Center

Juvenile Services

Sonoma County Juvenile Probation Services

David Koch

David Koch

Deputy Chief Probation Officer

"For the direction and protection of our youth"

The Probation Department, in conjunction with other partners of the juvenile justice system, works to provide effective intervention and rehabilitation for our community’s youth and families. The Juvenile Division benefits from being part of a county that has a history and long-standing culture of building and maintaining collaborative relationships. These relationships result in the sharing of information, increased multi-agency efforts to secure grants and programs, and a healthy utilization of community-based organizations who deliver important services to the probation population throughout the county. The Juvenile Services Division takes pride in its delivery of a strength-based, family-centered approach that provides a variety of intervention programs which include restorative justice, family counseling, gang intervention, substance abuse treatment, and gender-responsive groups. Probation provides structure and accountability while offering support and assistance to those entering the juvenile justice system. Probation Officers serve the Court by preparing pre-dispositional reports outlining the offense, conduct, and individual case issues that support specific targeted sentencing recommendations.

The Juvenile Division’s mission is to facilitate and enforce rehabilitative intervention efforts for youth and to provide innovative options for recovery and counseling with the specific purpose of rectifying issues of abuse, addiction, and delinquency.

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