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County of Sonoma Probation Department
Photo of a juvenile facility

Juvenile Facilities

Sonoma County Juvenile Hall

Sonoma County's new, modern Juvenile Hall, located in Santa Rosa, opened in December of 2005. The facility has the capacity to provide secure residential housing to 140 youths. In order to meet Sonoma County's needs well into the future, the building was designed to support expansion of up to 100 beds, providing the potential of a 240 bed facility. A variety of housing types were incorporated to enhance program and management flexibility. Each of the seven housing units includes program, school and activity spaces designed to support a decentralized operational program for efficient use of staff and maintenance of safety and security. The housing units were also designed with a focus on overall environmental quality, which reduces tensions and assists our Juvenile Correctional Counselors in effectively managing the population.

Program Description

The primary function of the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall is to provide temporary, safe, and secure detention for youths who are beyond the normal controls of the community. Youth are detained in Juvenile Hall pending their Juvenile Court Hearings, while they are serving short-term commitments, or awaiting out-of-home placement in a foster/group home, camp or other institution. A very small percentage of minors apprehended by law enforcement agencies are actually detained in Juvenile Hall and the balance are released to their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Our most valuable resource at the Juvenile Hall is our staff team. Our Juvenile Correctional Counselors recognize that they serve as role models who uphold high professional and ethical standards of behavior. Mutual respect and professionalism are projected through staff appearance, attitude and approach to the minors and the community they serve. Our staff strives to instill in our clients the idea that they hold within themselves the ability to make positive changes in their lives and can do so at any time.

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Juvenile Hall Mission Statement

The mission of the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall is to:

  1. Provide for community protection by securely and safely housing youth who pose a danger to themselves or others.
  2. Provide necessary care and support so that residents leave the institution better, or no worse than when they entered.
  3. Ensure residents are provided an environment that treats them with respect and dignity, respects their value, recognizes their individual rights, is culturally sensitive, and understands cultural diversity.
  4. Ensure residents are provided a level of supervision and discipline, which promotes accountability and responsibility and does not exceed the limits necessary to achieve the desired behavior. The institutional environment should be as least restrictive as possible, but structured as necessary to maintain order and safety. Institutional staff should maintain control by communicating and interacting with residents and through the use of professional skills and abilities.
  5. Provide academic, psychological, psycho-educational, recreational and other services, which will promote personal growth and enable residents to develop the skills and values necessary to succeed.
  6. Ensure staff serves as a role model and look to them to exhibit standards of socially acceptable behavior. Staff should always project the appearance, attitude, and behavior which creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and which displays the highest professional and ethical standards.
Juvenile Hall Program Components

For youth who remain in Juvenile Hall, a number of services are provided during the residents' temporary stay:

  • Secure physical care
  • Assessment and treatment services
  • A Behavior Management System designed to foster personal responsibility
  • A comprehensive school program implemented in cooperation with the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE)
  • Medical services provided by the County of Sonoma Department of Health Services

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