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County of Sonoma Probation Department
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Adult Services

Jail Alternatives/Services

Supervised Own Recognizance (SOR):

In certain circumstances, individuals facing new criminal charges may be released from custody in lieu of posting bail, but only by agreeing to follow specific conditions ordered by the Court and monitored by Probation. Persons on SOR receive intensive levels of supervision by Probation and are quickly returned to Court when choosing not to adhere to the agreed upon conditions of release or when continuing to engage in criminal conduct. Conversely, individuals on SOR may immediately return to employment allowing them to maintain the livelihood necessary to meet housing, food and living expenses. Further, at this stage, individuals are also directed toward treatment services specific to their situations so they may begin to address the issues which have contributed to their current legal predicaments.

Work Release:

For individuals who are sentenced following a criminal conviction, many may be eligible to participate in this program which is operated by Probation. When referred by the Court, persons receiving jail commitments of up to 90 days may serve these sentences by working in the community on projects which serve the public good. Work Release is a particularly effective and successful program in that individuals meet the obligation of jail time by working off their jail commitments while also keeping intact their families and their personal livelihoods. Thousands of persons successfully participate in this program each year serving hundreds of organizations in our community.

Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC):

Available as a jail alternative, the Court authorizes eligible individuals to serve jail commitments of up to one year on home confinement while being monitored by Probation. This highly structured program allows individuals who are appropriate for release to remain in the community, including those who may have significant employment obligations, critical family care issues, medical complications, educational commitments or complicating issues which would otherwise lead to excessive hardships if the individual were required to serve the commitment in jail custody. SEC allows for persons to maintain stable living situations, retain employment and meet financial obligations which increase the opportunity for success on probation and in the community.

Work Furlough:

Individuals participating in this program are supervised by Probation, and are required to remain in jail custody except for those specific hours when they are working in jobs outside of the custodial setting. This successful program helps individuals remain productive while supporting their families and meeting their financial obligations. Persons are able to maintain stable living situations while meeting Court requirements, providing a better opportunity for success upon their return to the community.

County Parole:

Through this program, Probation works with individuals who have appeared before the County Parole Board and have been granted an early release from county jail custody based on good conduct and participation in rehabilitative programs offered in custody. Probation supports their reintegration into the community through structure including required conditions designed to aid in their success. These conditions include abstinence from drug/alcohol use, participation in appropriate treatment, involvement in work/education and other related requirements.

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