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County of Sonoma Probation Department
Photo of main entrance to Adult Probation office

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Sonoma County Adult Probation Services

David Koch

David Koch

Deputy Chief Probation Officer

"Dedicated to promoting positive participation in our community"

Within the local criminal justice system, the Probation Department works in association with treatment providers, mental health, law enforcement, social services, as well as related agencies to intervene, guide, influence and bring accountability to the conduct of probationers in our community. A primary focus of Probation is to promote public safety by inducing individuals to make sustainable, productive lifestyle changes. Probation investigates, evaluates, supervises and, through progressive intervention, provides structure to individuals with the goal of having them meet their Court obligations, and become responsible contributing members of society.

Probation Officers are community corrections professionals charged with implementing supervision sentences and protecting the public by reducing the risk and recurrence of crime. Probation Officers promote public safety by maximizing the success of the offender during the period of supervision and beyond. Probation supervision is a dynamic process whereby Officers keep informed about an offender's progress and intervene with strategies designed to manage risk factors and provide offenders the tools and social services required to improve their conduct and condition. Changing offender behavior reduces crime and increases public safety. In addition, Probation Officers serve as the neutral arm of the Court, conducting comprehensive pre-sentence investigation reports outlining the relevant facts in each case, presenting sentencing options, and ultimately recommending a criminal sentence.

Specialized caseloads and jail programs have been developed by Probation as additional tools in working with those individuals whose success in the community depends on their receiving particular opportunities to make necessary and effective changes in their lives. The following information includes descriptions of services provided by Probation in carrying out its mission of promoting public safety through interventions with, and rehabilitation of, individuals entering this system.

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