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County of Sonoma Probation Department
Photo of main entrance to Juvenile Justice Center

About Us


Successful Probation work requires collaborative relationships and multi-system strategies with a variety of partners. In serving as the neutral arm of Court, the Probation Department works with defense attorneys and prosecutors to complete comprehensive pre-sentence investigations and reports. These reports provide the Court with the information necessary to sentence defendants in criminal cases.

Probation works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to increase public safety through the supervision of high-risk offenders. These types of accountability and crime suppression efforts are main components in maintaining public safety through the use of surveillance, searches, and arrests. Special operations, such as the Gang Task Force and the Narcotics Task Force, increase public safety by targeting high profile and repeat offenders who pose a risk to the community.

Probation supervision involves case management, which includes referrals to agencies that provide services to help reduce recidivism. These services include, for example, vocational and employment services, drug and mental health treatment, and counseling for domestic violence. With a certain percentage of offenders in multiple-systems, the Department works closely with the Human Services Department, the Health Department, and the Sheriff's Office to provide a continuum of services that assist offenders in leading productive lives.

For youth, the partnerships start at the stage of prevention for low risk offenders who need to be connected to community-based organizations. These community organizations provide services to address factors such as impulsive behavior, family dysfunction, drug use, and anger or violence. These partnerships continue if a youth enters the juvenile justice system. Probation Officers work with families, educators, counselors, drug and mental health treatment providers, and group home staff to assist youth with interventions that promote positive behavioral changes.

The Department relies on our strong collaborative partnerships to provide effective services that change lives and protect the community.

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