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County of Sonoma Probation Department
Photo of main entrance to Juvenile Justice Center

About Us

Mission Statement

The Sonoma County Probation Department is committed to reducing recidivism, fostering accountability, promoting positive behavior change and safeguarding the community.

Vision Statement

Achieving justice and enhancing public safety in the community by making a positive difference in the lives of victims, delinquent youth, adult offenders, and their families.  

Probation Department Values

Public Safety: We are committed to intervention approaches that balance accountability with the belief that each client has the potential for positive behavior change.

Equity and Justice: We treat people with dignity and respect, assuring fair treatment, and work effectively with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Assisting Victims: We assist and help restore victims, and are committed to preventing further victimization.
Integrity: We are dedicated to provide ethical and professional services to clients, the courts, families, victims, and the community. 

Learning Organization: We use scientifically proven strategies to continuously improve practices and evaluate our effectiveness in preventing future system involvement.

Staff Excellence: We maintain a workplace that supports staff, cultivates excellence, and provides opportunities for professional growth. 

Collaboration: We cultivate meaningful and effective relationships with the community and system partners.

Family: We work to strengthen families, interrupt intergenerational crime and keep clients from penetrating further into the justice system. 

Community: We build on community strengths to facilitate healthy connections for clients and their families.


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