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Preservation Ranch

Public Notices

All notices for future public meetings, hearings or comment periods will be posted here. No meetings, hearings or comment periods are currently scheduled.


Staff Reports and Other Documents

As processing proceeds, this site will be used to post official staff reports and memos provided by PRMD to hearing bodies. No staff reports or memos have been prepared for posting a this time; watch for later postings as they become available.


Environmental Review Documents

To facilitate the preparation of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, PRMD has prepared an Initial Study. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is currently under preparation and is not yet available for review. It will be posted here when available.


Project Description

The County has received application PLP06-0107 from Premiere Pacific Vineyards, Inc requesting:

a) Use permit approval to convert 1,671 +/- acres of timberland to vineyards on 19,300 +/-acre tract in northwest Sonoma County (known as "Preservation Ranch"), and

b) Rezoning of various lands from the "TP" -Timber Preserve District to the "RRD" - Resources Rural Development or "PF"- Public Facilities zoning district and from the "RRD" District to the "TP"District, and

c) Consideration of related project activities proposed to help meet approval criteria and/or carry out the request including: Timber harvesting, farm worker housing, borrow pits, road improvements, dedication of preserve easements and park lands, reservoir construction, drainage and water delivery systems, timberland restoration and easement protection, residential uses, parcel merger, and vineyard development.


Application Materials

The project proposal and supporting background studies submitted by the applicant are on file and may be reviewed at the The Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department File Counter at 2550 Ventura Ave. in Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Public Library reference counter at 211 E Street in Santa Rosa, the Horicon Elementary School office at 35555 Annapolis Rd in Annapolis and Cal Fire at 960 Annapolis Rd. in Sea Ranch, during normal business hours. The applicant also maintains a website containing the proposal and other supporting documents at

The project proposal may also be viewed at the PRMD Preservation Ranch page.


Processing Steps

Before the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors can take any action to approve the project request it must first assess whether the proposal will result in any significant environmental impacts as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). PRMD has determined that the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be necessary to comply with CEQA. First, an initial study will be prepared, with public input, to identify environmental issues to be assessed and analyzed by the EIR. Then a Draft EIR will be prepared to present the analysis and recommendations with regards to potential impacts and possible impact mitigations and/or project alternatives (including the "No project" alternative). The Draft EIR will be circulated and made available to the public, other regulatory agencies and interest groups for review and comment. Comments may be submitted regarding the adequacy of the EIR analysis either in writing or at a public hearing to be held by the Planning Commission. Once the public comment period is completed, all comments will be responded to in a Final EIR and it will be considered by the County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. After conducting noticed public hearings, considering the proposal along with all testimony and the EIR, and certifying the adequacy of the EIR, the Board of Supervisors may vote to approve, deny, or conditionally approve the project.


Public Involvement

The public is invited to follow and/or participate in the review and hearing process. You may request notices of upcoming meetings, hearings and comment periods and submit comments on the project and/or related environmental review by sending an email to the Project Planner - David Schiltgen or by mailing such requests or comments to PRMD, Attention: David Schiltgen - File No. PLP06-0107, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403-2829. As processing proceeds, notices, staff reports, environmental review documents, and resolutions, etc. will be posted on this site for the convenience of the public.



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