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PRMD Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

PRMD GIS manages the development, maintenance, and distribution of comprehensive planning, land development and natural resource spatial datasets and related databases for the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department. In addition to providing geographic data and related analysis supporting the Department's mission, PRMD GIS makes data available to the public through GIS Online Services.


GIS Online Services


ActiveMap is an Internet Interactive Mapping Application launched by the Permit and Resource Management Department on its public website. The geographic information service mapping and reporting application provides residents, businesses and visitors with mouse-click access to a variety of land development, location-based information for properties within the unincorporated [non-City] areas of Sonoma County.



Map Gallery (Mapping Viewers & Ready-To-Print Maps)

PRMD GIS provides online mapping viewers to assist in easily accessing location based information pertaining to a specific subject and/or area within the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.


In addition, the map gallery provides access to view and/or download free Ready-To-Print GIS hard copy maps. The GIS maps provide location-based information pertaining to a specific subject matter and area as well as countywide indexes.


Mapping Products

PRMD GIS offers many types of hard copy maps for sale. The mapping product listing describes available maps and reproduction costs.


GIS Data Download

PRMD GIS provides the ability to download geographical datasets. The PRMD GIS information should be used for planning and design purposes only. The geographical information should not be used for emergency services, engineering purposes, relied upon for survey control, or used as a legal document.


Additional GIS Resources

As a quick reference guide, the resource links assist in finding additional geographically-related information and services.


Mapping News

In an effort to keep Sonoma County departments and the general public informed, the mapping news highlights developments, application updates and project progress made by PRMD GIS.


Contact Us

To send a comment or inquiry.

Our Mission

The PRMD GIS staff is dedicated to:

  • develop, maintain and provide high quality and reliable geographical information and services to Sonoma County departments and the general public
  • make geographical information accessible whenever possible in an effort to improve county operations, and provide timely and responsive customer service
  • provide the appropriate tools to retrieve and analyze geographical data for answering practical, policy, and political questions lending to “Better Decision-making through GeoSpatial Information”
Better Decision-making through GeoSpatial Information
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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website, users are advised to contact appropriate PRMD staff before making project decisions. This may involve contacting more than one section within PRMD (e.g. Building, Plan Check, Zoning, Well & Septic, etc.), since each section implements specific codes or ordinances which may affect your project.
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