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Winery Events

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Currently, sales and promotional activities of agricultural products grown or processed in the County are allowed in agricultural zones with a use permit.

General Plan policies call for the development of regulations to further define compatible agricultural promotional activities including their permissible sizes and intensities. The General Plan also states that visitor-serving uses even if related to surrounding agricultural activities can be detrimental to the primary use of land for the production of food, fiber, and plant materials. The goal of the General Plan policies is to preserve agricultural lands and maintain the rural character of the area while enhancing the economic viability of farms. The Board of Supervisors directed staff to develop regulations addressing agricultural promotional events and potential overconcentration.

In June 2015, the Director of PRMD formed a group of industry representatives and neighborhood groups to advise staff on the key issues and policy options. The Working Group met for six months ending in early November and gave considerable insights into the business needs and the impacts of winery events to the local area. Staff will host a public workshop to provide a forum for input from other stakeholder groups and interested parties. After the public workshop, staff will complete the analysis of the policy options and will make a recommendation and host an additional workshop prior to conducting hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.


Winery Database – Database of approved winery facilities and basic conditions of approval

Winery Permit Data Viewer – Interactive map view of approved and pending winery facilities


Next Meetings

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Winery Events Study Session Report
October 11, 2016

Location: Board of Supervisors Chambers
575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Winery Events Adopted Resolution of Intent (PDF: 527 kB)

Winery Events Study Session Report Summary with Draft Resolution of Intent (PDF: 171 kB)

Previous Meetings

Winery Events Study Session
July 12, 2016

Press Release for Winery Events Study Session on 07-12-2016 (PDF: 119kB)

Winery Events Study Session Summary with Attachments 07-12-2016 (PDF: 1.20 MB)

Winery Events Study Session PowerPoint Presentation (PDF: 574 kB)

Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission Meeting
January 27, 2016

Winery Events PowerPoint Presentation (PDF: 1.74 MB)

Public Workshop
November 16, 2015

Winery Events Public Workshop PowerPoint Presentation (PDF: 1.74 MB)

Winery Events Public Workshop Notice (PDF: 26 kB)

Working Group Meeting
November 4, 2015

PRMD Discussion Paper – Summary of Key Issues and Policy Options (PDF: 42 kB)

Working Group Meeting
October 14, 2015

PRMD Discussion Paper on Development Criteria and Performance Standards for Concentrated Areas (PDF: 90 kB)

Map of Winery Event Concentration, Dry Creek/Westside Areas (PDF: 1.91 MB)

Map of Winery Event Concentration, Sonoma Valley Area (PDF: 1.88 MB)

Summary table of other jurisdictionsupdated 10/12/2015 (PDF: 247 kB)

Working Group Meeting
September 9, 2015

PRMD Discussion Paper on Key Issues and Policy Options (PDF: 149 kB)

Working Group Meeting
August 12, 2015

Summary table of other jurisdictions (PDF: 305 kB)

Winery Working Group – Summary of Sonoma County Past Practices (PDF: 105 kB)

Memorandum explaining the development of Winery Trip Generation form, TJKM Transportation Consultants, dated August 3, 1998 (PDF: 343 kB)

Assumptions Used to Develop Winery Trip Generation Curves, TJKM Transportation Consultants, dated August 3, 1998 (PDF: 171 kB)

Trip Generation Curves for Wineries, TJKM Transportation Consultants, dated August 3, 1998 (PDF: 4.87 MB)

Notes from the July 8th Winery Working Group Meeting (PDF: 98 kB)

Map of Winery Event Concentration, Dry Creek/Westside Areas (PDF: 1.91 MB)

Map of Winery Event Concentration, Sonoma Valley Area (PDF: 1.88 MB)

Working Group Meeting
July 8, 2015

Winery Event Policy Update Overview (PDF: 143 kB)

Outline of Related Agricultural Resource Element General Plan Policies (PDF: 45 kB)

Planning Agency Memorandum Regarding Promotional Events Dated November 29, 2012 (PDF: 98 kB)

Board of Supervisors Staff Report Summary Regarding Food Service at Tasting Rooms and Wineries Dated September 10, 1996 (PDF: 29 kB)

Current Standard Condition for Food Service Permitted at Wineries and Tasting Rooms (PDF: 33 kB)

Working Group Meeting
June 10, 2015

Winery Database Presentation (PDF: 13.26 MB)

Links to Other Jurisdictions

El Dorado County Winery County Code Section 130.14.200

Monterey County Agricultural & Winery Corridor Plan

Napa County Zoning Code Wineries 18.104.200-18.104.255

Placer County Zoning Code for Wineries Section 17.56.330

Placer County Zoning Code for Community center, commercial event center, agricultural event center Section 17.56.340

San Diego County Tiered Winery Ordinance

San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors Item including Ordinance No. 4456 Amending the Wineries and Related Facilities Chapter of the Development Title

San Luis Obispo County Zoning Code Agricultural Processing Section 23.08.042

Santa Barbara County Winery Ordinance Update

Santa Clara County Ordinance No. NS-1200.335 Amending the County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code to revise regulations applicable to wineries

Yolo County Zoning Regulations for Agricultural Zones Section 8-2

Other References

SSU School of Business and Economics Preliminary Report Survey on Community Perceptions of Wine Businesses (August 10, 2015)

Silicon Valley Bank / Wine Business Monthly Secrets of a Successful Tasting Room (May 12, 2015)


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