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Summary Table of Planning Commission Recommended Code Changes for Vacation Rentals

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Policy Objective

Policy Option Recommended by the Planning Commission

Where Incorporated

Overconcentration & Commercialization

Adopt new Vacation Rental Exclusion Combining Zone

New “X” Combining Zone - Exhibit C

Require a Use Permit for Vacation Rentals with more than 4 bedrooms

Exhibit E

Neighborhood Compatibility

Limit on number of vehicles – no more than 1 per bedroom

Exhibit E

Prohibit Events in all vacation rentals

Exhibit E

Reduced quiet hours to 10pm – 7am

Exhibit E

No  outdoor activities during quiet hours (10 pm – 7am)

Exhibit E

Regulate outdoor fires - size, location, cover required

Exhibit E

Preserve Housing Stock

Prohibit new vacation rentals in the R1 zone unless they are also within the Visitor Residential (VR) Combining Zone

Ordinance Section IV replaces allowance for Vacation Rentals with Hosted Rentals in the R1. Section VIII allows continued use in R1 unless revoked or sold. See also X Combining Zone – Exhibit C  and VR Visitor Residential Combining Zone, Exhibit B

Expanding Opportunities

Allow hosted rentals in R1

Ordinance Section IV

Allow vacation rentals in C2

Ordinance Section III

Allow vacation Rentals in LC

Ordinance Section III

Allow vacation rentals in K

Ordinance Section III

Allow hosted rentals in guest houses

Amend definition of Guest house to allow them to be occupied separately, and add a new definition of Hosted Rental  - see Exhibit A

Adopt new VR Visitor Residential Combining Zone

Exhibit B

Level the Playing Field

Require certified Property Managers

Exhibit E

Certified PM to live within 30 miles

Exhibit E

Require reporting of complaints and responses to PRMD website

Exhibit E

Require ads and internet listings to include limits

Exhibit E

Property Report Checklist

Application Submittal Requirement

Code Enforcement

Impose larger penalty

Exhibit E

2 year term for permits

Exhibit E

Citation program

Exhibit E

3 strikes summary revocation

Exhibit E


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