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Riparian Corridors (RC) Zoning Code Changes

Photo of people floating down the Russian River in paddle boat.


A Riparian Corridor is the area that encompasses a river or stream and the land adjacent to it. Riparian Corridors provide numerous benefits to the community and the environment such as improving water quality; increasing groundwater recharge; providing flood protection; enhancing wildlife and aquatic habitat; and supporting the recovery of salmon, steelhead and other endangered species.


In 2008, the Board of Supervisors adopted General Plan 2020 (GP2020) which increased protections for riparian corridors. In November 2014, the Board of Supervisors adopted zoning code changes to implement the stream protection policies and rezoned properties to add the Riparian Corridor Combining Zone to all designated streams shown on the General Plan Open Space maps.

Riparian Corridors Zoning Text

Current Ordinance: Article 65 – RC Riparian Corridor Combining Zone (Full Text)

Adopted Zoning Code Amendments (PDF: 92 kB)

Adopted Official Zoning Database (OZD) Table – Riparian Corridor, Biotic Habitat, and Commercial Rural Rezones (PDF: 6.73 MB)

Riparian Corridors Zoning Maps

Planning Area 1 Sonoma Coast / Gualala Basin (PDF: 17.63 MB)
Planning Area 2 Cloverdale / Northeast County (PDF: 16.11 MB)
Planning Area 3 Healdsburg and Environs (PDF: 11.17 MB)
Planning Area 4 Russian River Area (PDF: 14.21 MB)
Planning Area 5 Santa Rosa and Environs (PDF: 16.84 MB)
Planning Area 6 Sebastopol and Environs (PDF: 12.34 MB)
Planning Area 7 Rohnert Park-Cotati and Environs (PDF: 6.7 MB)
Planning Area 8 Petaluma and Environs (PDF: 9.72 MB)
Planning Area 9 Sonoma Valley (PDF: 15.14 MB)


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