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Policies and Procedures

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Section Policy Name & Associated Forms/Handouts Date
1-0 Administration
1-0-5 Public Record Availability

GEN-003: Public Records Access Guidelines

PRA Response Letter (example)

1-4-1 Definition of a Bedroom

Conditional Statement Acknowledgment

Notice of Use Restrictions

1-4-2 Concealed Construction Verification Guidelines 05-18-2004
1-4-3 Package Treatment Plant Policy and Procedure 05-18-2004
1-4-4 Flood Elevation Policy 04-02-2012
1-4-5 Definition of a Kitchen

Notice of Use Restrictions

1-4-6 Detached Residential Accessory Structures

Summary Table


2-0 Accounting
2-1-1 Refund Procedures

Refund Request form

4-0 Customer Service
4-0-1 Site Evaluations - Application Process 10-27-2008
4-0-2 Site Evaluation Requirement Determination 09-21-2006
4-0-3 Expired Building and Grading Permits 04-01-2015
4-0-4 Partial Building Permit

BPC-013: Third Party Plan Check

BPC-018: Third Party Plan Check Notification

BPC-009: Agreement for Partial Building Permit

4-0-5 Agricultural Permit Exemptions

Notice of Agricultural Exemption

GRD-002: Grading Permit Questionnaire


4-0-6 Post-FIRM Structure Procedures 03-14-2006
4-0-7 A-BLD Permits 11-03-2014
4-0-8 SCEIP Program Permitting and Inspection Procedures 04-15-2009
4-0-9 Factory Built Housing Permits 03-21-2016
4-0-10 Placement of Manufactured Homes on Private Property 06-10-2013
4-1-1 Solar Photovoltaic System Permits and Solar Heating Systems for Pools

CIS-007: Building Permit Application (example)

7-0 Code Enforcement
7-0-1 Code Violations Encountered by PRMD Staff in the Course of Routine Duties

Order to Stop Work Notice (example)

7-0-2 Allowed Improvements within an Agricultural Exempt Structure

CIS-007: Building Permit Application (example)

7-0-4 Permit Requirements for Replacement Windows and Glazing 09-03-2002
7-0-5 Notification to Tenants of Substandard Conditions

Notice to Tenants Poster

Notice to Tenants Letter

7-0-6 Allowed Improvements within a Permit Exempt Structure

CIS-007: Building Permit Application (example)

7-0-7 Anonymous and Confidential Complaints

Confidential Violation Complainant Form

7-0-8 Permits to Remove Unpermitted Work

CDE-005 Demolition Permit Checklist (example)

7-0-9 Accessibility Complaint Processing

CDE-004: Accessibility Compliance Inspection Report

7-0-10 Permit Requirement for Accessibility Violations 05-22-2007
7-0-11 Minimum Standards for Securing Abandoned or Damaged Structures

CDE-006: Minimum Standards for Securing Abandon or Damaged Buildings

7-0-13 Exceeding the Scope of Issued Permits

CNI-005: Correction Notice (example)

Order to Stop Work Notice (example)

7-0-15 Investigation Fees and Penalties for Septic Violations

Penalty Calculation Sheet

Penalty Schedule

8-0 Planning
8-1-1 Temporary Occupancy of Travel Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes

PJR-008: Temporary Occupancy of Travel Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes

Notice of Pending Expiration of Temporary Permit for Care Giver Housing

8-1-2 Administrative Certificates of Compliance

ACC Worksheet

PJR-019: Administrative Certificate of Compliance

8-1-3 Monitoring Guidelines for Large Capacity Water Wells Pursuant to General Plan Policy WR-2d (formerly RC-3b) 06-06-2013
8-1-6 Lot Line Adjustment on Williamson Act Land

Staff Report Format

8-1-7 Processing Procedures for Subdivisions of Land under a Williamson Act Contract

PJR-049 Landowners Statement of Compliance

Sample Findings for Approval

8-1-8 Procedure for Permits on Parcels under Williamson Act Contracts

Notice of Substandard Parcel Size

PJR-049 Landowners Statement of Compliance

8-1-9 Procedure for Additional Electric Meters on a Parcel 01-13-2012
8-1-10 Procedure for Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council

Blue Book

Frequently Asked Questions

8-1-11 Procedure for Mark West Citizens Advisory Council

Blue Book

Frequently Asked Questions

8-1-12 Construction Limitations in the F-1 Floodway 07-18-2014
8-1-14 Procedures for Groundwater Analysis and Hydrogeologic Reports 02-23-2017
8-3-3 Subdivision of Split Zoned Parcels  
8-3-4 Adaptive Management Policy for In-Stream Mining 04-30-2013
9-0 Engineering and Construction
9-2 Well & Septic
9-2-28 Well Pump Test Guidelines in Water Scarce Areas 07-01-2005
9-2-30 Excavation Guidelines for Septic System Soil Profile Hole Investigations 02-20-2007
9-2-31 Sizing of Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems for Special Events Authorized by Use Permits and the use of Portable Toilets 01-20-2009
9-2-33 Expired Septic Permits and Expired Plan Check 01-27-2010
9-3 Building Inspection
9-3-1 Special Inspection Requirements when Using Epoxy

CNI-012: Special Inspection and Testing Requirements

9-3-2 Special Inspection Requirements

CNI-010: Special Inspection and Testing Procedure

CNI-011: Special Inspection and Testing Acknowledgment

CNI-012: Special Inspection and Testing Requirements

CNI-013: Special Inspection Record

CNI-014: Special Inspection Agency Recognition List

CNI-033: Statement of Special Inspections

9-3-3 Exterior Plaster Inspection Requirements 06-15-2003
9-3-4 Building Permit Reinspection Fee Requirements 06-14-2003
9-3-5 Self Certification Reroofing Program Procedure

CNI-021: Declaration of Licensed Roofing Contractor

CNI-023: Reroofing Verification/Completion Form

9-3-6 Sea - Land Cargo Containers as Storage Buildings 05-18-2004
9-3-7 Enhanced Vapor Recovery System (EVR) Permits 02-17-2015
9-4 Plan Check
9-4-1 Third Party Plan Check

BPC-013: Third Party Plan Check

BPC-018: Third Party Plan Check Notification

BPC-019: Third Party Plan Check Approved Consultants

9-4-3 Residential Remodeling Building Plan Submittal Guidelines

BPC-002: Residential Plan Checklist

9-4-4 Permit Processing Utilizing Stock Plans for Single Family Dwellings

Subdivision Master Plan

9-4-5 Stock Plans for Swimming Pools, Water Tanks, Accessory Structures 07-29-2003
9-4-6 Building Plan Checks and Approvals Done at the Building Cubicle

CSS-003: Building/Grading Application Submittal Checklist

9-4-7 Structural Peer Review 05-19-2008
9-4-8 Accessibility Detail Requirements on Tenant Improvement Plans

BPC-015: Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for
Accessibility Upgrades - Under Valuation Threshold

BPC-032: Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for
Accessibility Upgrades - Over Valuation Threshold

9-4-10 Horse Boarding Facilities & Riding Arenas 06-02-2006
9-4-11 Unreinforced Masonry Structures 09-23-2013
9-4-12 Wildland-Urban Interface and Sprinkler Related Procedures 01-19-2015
9-4-14 Same-day Expedited Plan Check 12-06-2010
9-4-15 Review and Processing of Projects Requiring Accessibility

Accessibility Review Flow Chart

9-5 Survey
9-6-1 Subdivision Map and Improvement Plan Submittal Process 01-23-2002
9-8 Encroachment
9-8-1 Procedure for Processing Special Event Permits 04-10-2012
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