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Sonoma County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2011 Update of the Sonoma County Hazard Mitigation Plan (SCHMP) on October 25, 2011. The Plan identifies high hazard areas and assesses vulnerabilities from earthquakes, floods, wildland fires, and landslides. Moreover, the Plan identifies mitigation strategies the County can take as part of 5-year implementation plan to reduce the level of injury, property loss, and community disruption resulting from such hazards. Adoption of the Plan helps retain the County’s eligibility for pre and post disaster community assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Due to size/download time, the Plan has been divided into individual sections.  A complete copy is also available at the bottom of this page (but is only recommended for those with a DSL or T1 connection).

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i Cover and Table of Contents 187 kb
ii Executive Summary 118 kb
1 Introduction 168 kb
2 Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment 436 kb
3 Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment 304 kb
4 Wildfire Hazard and Risk Assessment 332 kb
5 Landslide Hazard and Risk Assessment 67 kb
6 Mitigation Strategies 252 kb
7 Plan Implementation Process 222 kb
8 Map Figures  
  Figure 8.1 Earthquake Faults and Areas of Liquefaction 1.2 MB
  Figure 8.2 Earthquake Shaking Potential 623 kb
  Figure 8.3 Earthquake Vulnerability 726 kb
  Figure 8.4 Watersheds 1.7 MB
  Figure 8.5 100-Year Flood Zone 1.3 MB
  Figure 8.6 Repetitive Loss Properties in Lower Russian River 2.9 MB
  Figure 8.7 Dam Failure Inundation 1.3 MB
  Figure 8.8 Wildland Fire Threat 699 kb
  Figure 8.9 Historic Fires 1.1 MB
  Figure 8.10 Fire Districts and Fire Responsibility Areas 727 kb
  Figure 8.11 Landslide Hazard Areas 938 kb
  All Maps Figures 8.1 thru 8.11 2.9 MB
A Draft Board of Supervisors Resolution 67 kb
B Sonoma County General Plan 2020 Public Safety Element 74 kb
C Methods and Sources 114 kb
D Exposure of County Owned Buildings to Hazards 125 kb
E Earthquake Loss Estimates 685 kb
F Planning Process 101 kb
G Projected Sea Level Rise and Tsunami Run Up Zones 6.4 MB
H References and Endnotes 57 kb

Complete Copy of the Hazard Mitigation Plan (Large File Size) 12 MB

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