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Handouts/Forms/Applications listed by Form Number

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Some of these documents are saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). We recommend you download Adobe® Reader®, a free software that allows you view and print PDF files.

For accessibility assistance with these documents, please contact Permit Sonoma (PRMD), Sonoma County at (707) 565-1900.


Please note: Although Permit Sonoma is continuously working to maintain these documents, some may not reflect the requirements of the currently adopted, triennial code cycle. Please make use of the revision date in the footer of the document as a guide to identifying the currency of a particular document.


All Handouts, Forms, and Applications listed by Permit Sonoma Section


Number Title
ACT-001 Refund Request
BPC-001 Handrail Requirements
BPC-002 Residential Plan Checklist
BPC-003 Building Plan Check Submittal Checklist
BPC-004 Submittal Requirements for Commercial Tenant Improvement Building Permit Applications
BPC-005 When is a Building Permit Not Required?
BPC-007 Temporary Occupancy Guidelines
BPC-009 Agreement for Partial Building Permit Foundation Only
BPC-013 Third Party Plan Check
BPC-015 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Under Valuation Threshold
BPC-015 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Under Valuation Threshold (Spanish)
BPC-016 Retaining Wall Designs
BPC-018 Third Party Plan Check Notification
BPC-019 Third Party Plan Check Approved Consultants
BPC-020 Structural Peer Review Process
BPC-021 How to Get a Residential Building Permit for Projects that Require Plans
BPC-023 Fence Requirements
BPC-026 Egress Components for Manufactured Homes
BPC-028 Green Building Program Building Permit Process
BPC-029 Residential Checklist
BPC-030 Non-Residential 2010 Green Building Checklist
BPC-031 Green Building Acknowledgement Sections 1-2
BPC-032 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Over Valuation Threshold
BPC-032 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Over Valuation Threshold (Spanish)
BPC-033 Fixture Count Declaration
BPC-034 Green Building Nonresidential – Additions & Alterations
BPC-036 Residential Additions & Alterations - 2013 Green Building Checklist
BPC-037 Non-Residential Additions & Alterations - 2013 Green Building Checklist
BPC-038 Residential New Construction - 2013 Green Bld Checklist
BPC-039 Non-Residential New Construction - 2013 Green Building Checklist
BPC-040 Residential Additions & Alterations Updated 2013 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 549 kB) – Effective 7/15/2015
BPC-041 Non-Residential Additions & Alterations Updated 2013 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 790 kB) – Effective 7/15/2015
BPC-042 Residential New Construction Updated 2013 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 802 kB) – Effective 7/15/2015
BPC-043 Non-Residential New Construction Updated 2013 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 1.66 MB) – Effective 7/15/2015
BPC-044 Submittal Requirements Photovoltaic Toolkit – superseded by Solar Permits page
BPC-045 Eligibility Checklist Photovoltaic Toolkit (PDF: 163 kB)
BPC-046 Microinverter Plan Photovoltaic Toolkit (PDF: 1.44 MB)
BPC-047 Standard Inverter Plan Photovoltaic Toolkit (PDF: 1.44 MB)
BPC-048 Structural Plan Photovoltaic Toolkit (PDF: 799 kB)
BPC-057 Residential Additions & Alterations 2016 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 216 kB)
BPC-058 Non-Residential Additions & Alterations 2016 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 346 kB)
BPC-059 Residential New Construction 2016 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 256 kB)
BPC-060 Non-Residential New Construction 2016 CALGreen Checklist (PDF: 477 kB)
BPC-061 Declaration of Use (PDF: 39 kB)
BPC-062 Expedited Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
CDE-004 Accessibility Compliance Inspection Report
CDE-005 Demolition Permit Checklist (example)
CDE-007 Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
CDE-008 Use Permit Monitoring Self Survey
–– Vacation Rental Complaints
CIS-007 Building Permit Application (example)
CNI-002 Site Evaluation Procedures for Building and Grading Permits
CNI-003 Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Valuation Summary for FEMA Compliance
CNI-004 Building Inspection Procedures
CNI-008 Application for Approval of Alternate Method or Material
CNI-010 Special Inspection and Testing Procedure
CNI-013 Special Inspection Record
CNI-014 Special Inspection Agency Recognition List
CNI-016 Board of Building Appeals Form
CNI-017 Standard Carport Design
CNI-019 Agreement for Early Release of Utilities
CNI-020 Emergency Escape and Rescue Windows
CNI-021 Declaration of Licensed Roofing Contractor
CNI-023 Reroofing Verification/Completion Form
CNI-026 Flood Damage Electrical Circuit Megohmmeter Testing
CNI-027 Flood Damaged Electrical Requirements
CNI-029 Inspection Requirements for Swimming Pools/Spas
CNI-031 Building Site Evaluation Waiver
CNI-030 Agricultural Building Permit Exemption
CNI-032 Swimming Pool Safety Required Upgrades
CNI-033 Statement of Special Inspections
CNI-033A Statement of Special Inspections Steel APPENDIX
CNI-033R Statement of Special Inspections - RESIDENTIAL
CNI-036 Tankless Water Heaters
CNI-037 Smoke Carbon Monoxide Self Verification Form
CNI-038 Water Conservation Self-Verification
CNI-039 Water Conservation Handout
CNI-040 CALGreen Special Inspector Application Form (PDF: 27 kB)
CNI-041 CALGreen Special Inspection Agency Recognition List (PDF: 46 kB)
CNI-042 Integrating CALGreen Special Inspection into the Building Permit Process (PDF: 28 kB)
CNI-043 CALGreen Special Inspector Project Verification Form (PDF: 30 kB)
CSS-003 Building/Grading Application Submittal Checklist (example)
CSS-008 Preapplication Project Description Questionnaire
CSS-015 Preapplication Project Submittal Requirements
CSS-019 Minimum Standard Site Plan Requirements (PDF: 381 kB)
CSS-020 Building Permit Application - Revised Information
CSS-026 Owner Builder Information, Notice to Property Owner & Owner Authorization
CSS-027 Notice To Recipients of Ministerial Permits
CSS-028 Road Name Application (PDF: 329 kB)
CSS-029 Pre-application Review Submittal Requirements Cannabis Uses (PDF: 600 kB)
DRN-002 Development Submittal Information for Drainage Review – Discontinued. Use GRD-005 instead.
DRN-003 Roiling Permit Application
DRN-004 Drainage Review Submittal Information for Flood Zone Determination
DRN-005 Waterway Setback Requirements
DRN-006 Drainage Report Required Contents
ENC-001 Application for Encroachment Permit
ENC-002 Insurance Requirements for Encroachment Permits
ENC-003 Transportation Permit Application
ENC-004 Application for Special Event Encroachment Permit
ENC-005 Insurance Requirements for Encroachment Special Event Permits
ENC-006 Required Driveway Entrance Upgrades
ENC-008 Special Event Standard Conditions and Special Provisions
ENC-009 Insurance Policy Endorsement
ENC-010 Special Event - Filming Standard Conditions
ENG-001 Required Grading Inspections – Discontinued. Use GRD-008 instead.
ENG-005 Engineering Division Services At-Cost Fee Agreement
ENC-011 Hold Harmless Fence Agreement
GEN-003 Public Records Access Guidelines
GRD-002 Grading Permit Questionnaire
GRD-004 Grading Permit Required Application Contents
GRD-005 Grading Permit Supplemental Information
GRD-008 Grading Permit Required Inspections
NPD-002 Protection of Stormwater Quality on Construction Sites
NPD-007 Dry Season Best Management Practices for Construction Sites
PJR-001 Planning Application
PJR-003 Required Application Materials
PJR-004 Zoning Permit Application – Discontinued. Use PJR-001 instead.
PJR-008 Temporary Occupancy of Travel Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes
PJR-009 Process for Voluntary Merger of Parcels
PJR-010 Use Permit Application Requirements
PJR-011 Indemnification Agreement
PJR-012 Guest House
PJR-014 Treasurer-Tax Collector Referral
PJR-015 Right to Farm Ordinance Disclosure
PJR-016 Lot Line Adjustment Supplemental Application Information
PJR-019 Administrative Certificate of Compliance
PJR-021 Planning Commission Appeals Form
PJR-024 Special Events/Cultural Events-Application Materials
PJR-025 Special Events/Cultural Events-Agency Approvals
PJR-029 General Plan Amendment
PJR-030 Lot Line Adjustment
PJR-032 Accessory Dwelling Units
PJR-034 Zone Change
PJR-035 Coastal Permit Application Requirements
PJR-036 Horse Boarding - Application and Information
PJR-037 Waiver of Covered Parking Requirements
PJR-038 Accessory Dwelling Unit Application Requirements
PJR-039 Accessory Dwelling Unit Supplemental Application
PJR-040 Minor Subdivision
PJR-041 Minor Subdivision Supplemental Application
PJR-046 Taylor Mountain/Sonoma Mountain Development Guidelines
PJR-048 Home Occupation
PJR-049 Landowners Statement of Compliance with the Williamson Act
PJR-051 At-Cost Fee Agreement
PJR-053 Live/Work Uses
PJR-054 Sonoma Valley Planning Area Dwelling Unit Allotment Application Information
PJR-055 Sonoma Valley Dwelling Unit Allotment Application
PJR-056 Application Instructions for Administrative Design Review - Residential
PJR-058 Design Review – Commercial/Industrial (Design Review Committee)
PJR-059 Administrative Design Review – Commercial/Industrial
PJR-065 Ag Preserve App Income Statement
PJR-070 AG Employee Dwelling Unit
PJR-073 Certificate of Modification
PJR-078 Major Subdivision
PJR-079 Major Subdivision - Supplemental  Information
PJR-085 Variance
PJR-087 Minor Timberland Conversion
PJR-091 Landscape Plan Check Water Efficient Landscape Regulations
PJR-092 Landscape Certificate of Compliance
PJR-095 At-Cost Project Reimbursement
PJR-096 Vacation Rental Handout including Supplemental Application and Affidavit
PJR-097 Public Hearing Sign Policy
PJR-098 Land Conservation Plan
PJR-099 Agricultural Preserve Application
PJR-101 New or Replacement Land Conservation Contract (LLC/RLCC)
PJR-102 Application for Non-Renewal of Contract (NR) or Partial Non-Renewal of Contract (PNR)
PJR-103 Agricultural Preserve Disestablishment Application (AGP)
PJR-104 Sonoma County Land Conservation Act Program General Information
PJR-105 Joint Application for Agricultural Preserve Establishment or Modification and New or Replacement Land Conservation Contract (AGP-LCC)
PJR-106 Joint Application Agricultural Preserve Establishment and New or Replacement Land Conservation Contract (AGP-LLC)
PJR-107 Agricultural Preserve Establishment, Modification or Disestablishment Questionnaire
PJR-109 New or Replacement Land Conservation Contract LLC/RLCC-Supplemental Questionnaire
PJR-114 Landmarks Commission Design Review
PJR-115 Small-Scale Farm Retail Sales Facility
PJR-116 Small-Scale Agricultural Processing Facility Application Form
PJR-117 Small-Scale Agricultural Processing Facility Affidavit
PJR-118 Guidelines for Preparing Groundwater Studies For Small-Scale Agricultural Processing Facilities
PJR-119 Property Report Checklist
PJR-120 Hosted Rentals Application
PJR-121 Groundwater Well Monitoring Program Reporting Form
PJR-122 Groundwater Well Monitoring Program Affidavit of Not Commenced or Ceased Use
PJR-123 Cannabis Cultivation Permit Application Requirements (Zoning and Use Permit)
PJR-124 Cannabis Supply Chain Business Use Permit Application Requirements
PJR-125 Cannabis Cultivation Priority Processing Application
  –– Cannabis Land Use Penalty Relief (Transition Period) Application
PJR-126 Supplemental Application Information
SAN-003 Public Sewer General Inspection and Construction Guidelines
SAN-004 Outside Service Area Sewer
SAN-005 Application for Outside Area Sewer
SAN-006 Water & Sewer Referral List
SAN-009 Public Sewer Plan Check Submittal Requirements
SUR-001 Parcel/Final Map Submittal Requirements Checklist
SUR-002 Improvement Plans Submittal Requirements Checklist
SUR-003 Record of Survey Submittal Requirements Checklist
WLS-002 Septic Tank Destruction Permits
WLS-007 Percolation Test Not Approved
WLS-008 Septic System Application Requirements
WLS-010 Certification of Water Yield in Water Scarce Areas
WLS-011 Disinfecting Wells
WLS-012 Guidelines for Maintaining a Nonstandard Pressure Distribution Septic System
WLS-013 Maintenance Guidelines for Toilets on Nonstandard Sewage Disposal Systems
WLS-014 How to Monitor A Non-Standard Septic System
WLS-015 Procedure for Purging and Adjusting a Pressure Distribution Septic System
WLS-016 Non-Standard Septic System Reduced Annual Operational Permit Fee
WLS-017 Landscape Guidelines for Nonstandard Septic Systems
WLS-028 Percolation Test Approved
WLS-036 Septic System Evaluations for Rebuilding and Temporary Housing (Sonoma Complex Fire)
WLS-037 Generic Self-Monitoring Form
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