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Final Environmental Impact Report
Dutra Haystack Landing Asphalt and Recycling Facility

Due to size/download time this report has been broken into individual sections.  A complete copy is also available at the bottom of this page, but is only recommended for those with a DSL or T1 connection.


Copies of this document are also available for viewing at the file counter of the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department, 2550 Ventura Ave., Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Central Library, at Third and E Streets, Santa Rosa and the Petaluma Branch of the Sonoma County Public Library, at 100 Fairgrounds Dr., Petaluma.

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  Cover and Table of Contents
168 kb
1 Introduction
108 kb
2 Response to Comments
660 kb
3 Corrections and Additions
225 kb
4 Mitigation and Monitoring
264 kb
221 kb
A Written Comments on the Draft EIR
218 kb
  A1 State Public Utilities Commission
284 kb
  A2 North Marin Water District
289 kb
  A3 San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
328 kb
  A4 Sonoma County Transportation Authority
628 kb
  A5 Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)
474 kb
  A6 State Department of Transportation
410 kb
  A7 Governor's Office of Planning and Research
318 kb
  A8 State Department of Conservation
409 kb
  B1 Petaluma Wetlands Alliance
361 kb
  B2 Susan Kirks
559 kb
  B3 Robert Kertzner, M.D.
290 kb
  B4 Mike Gold
127 kb
  B5 Sharon Whisman
58 kb
  B6 Audubon Canyon Rance
350 kb
  B7 Sean Buckley
71 kb
  B8 Peter Barth
63 kb
  B9 Bruce Blinn
50 kb
  B10 Norris Dyer
356 kb
  B11 Dixie Lee Nitis
99 kb
  B12 Patrick Schafer
60 kb
  B13 Petaluma River Council
416 kb
  B14 San Antonio Valley Fire Department
77 kb
  B15 Shamrock Materials
417 kb
  B16 Nicholas R. Tibbetts & Associates
528 kb
  B17 Margaret Pick, PVPMedia
51 kb
  B18 CSW/Stuber-Stroeh Engineering Group, Inc.
3,465 kb
  C1 Sonoma County Planning Commission 02/07/08
487 kb
  C2 Sonoma County Planning Commission 03/06/08
390 kb
B Revised Air Quality Calculations
247 kb

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