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Local Coastal Plan – Preliminary Draft

Banner photo of the Sonoma County Coast

LCP Update – Timeline

2015 Preliminary Draft LCP
Public Workshops
Public Comment
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Early 2017 Public Review Draft LCP
Planning Commission
Public Hearings
Public Comments
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Fall 2017 Revised Draft LCP
Board of Supervisors
Public Hearings
Public Comment
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Winter 2017 Board Approved LCP
Coastal Commission
Public Hearings
Public Comment

Coastal Zone Extent

cropped image depicting the coastal zone in Sonoma County where the Local Coastal Plan is applicable, click for full size
View full size map (PDF: 746 kB)

Upcoming Event

Public Workshop: Sea-Level Rise On Our Coast ~ How Do We Adapt?

November 29, 2016, 4:00-6:00 PM

Public Notice (PDF: 98 kB)

The County of Sonoma is holding a public workshop in Bodega Bay on ways we may adapt to sea-level rise and protect our coast.  We have grant money to identify the location and extent of areas that may be inundated due to sea-level rise, assess the vulnerability of these areas, and develop adaptation strategies to minimize the impacts. We invite the community to partner with us in identifying these strategies. After the public workshop, we will prepare a Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Plan that includes your input for one or two of the most vulnerable areas on our coast.

Purpose of Local Coastal Plan Update

The purpose of the Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Update is to produce a modern, up-to-date, and easy-to-use document with digital maps. The Update focuses on new information, changed conditions, and policies in five key areas:

  • Public Access
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Biotic Resources
  • Geologic Hazards
  • Water Quality

The Preliminary Draft LCP is formatted with the same elements of General Plan 2020. The intent of the Local Coastal Plan Update is not to encourage new or increased development. Our current Local Coastal Plan meets the goals of the California Coastal Act to preserve coastal resources, and this Update continues the existing protections. No substantial changes to land use designations or densities are proposed.

Agricultural Resources Element: The Preliminary Draft Agricultural Resources Element includes proposed modifications to existing policies in the current Local Coastal Plan. Additional criteria are proposed to be added, in some cases to clarify policy implementation. General Plan 2020 policies applicable to the Coastal Zone have been added. No changes to Agricultural land use designations, minimum parcel size, or density are proposed.

Agricultural Resources Element Fact Sheet (PDF: 198 kB)

Public Process & Next Steps

PRMD staff and consultants are in the second phase of a four-step process that offers multiple opportunities for public comment. The Preliminary Draft Local Coastal Plan (LCP) was published in June 2015, and five public workshops were held during the summer of 2015. Members of the public and interested parties will have additional opportunities to comment and provide input on the LCP Update when the revised LCP documents and maps are circulated for public review later in 2016. Public hearings will be scheduled before the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, and California Coastal Commission.

Staff is considering public comment received on the Preliminary Draft LCP and revising the document and maps. Once revisions are complete, a revised Public Review Draft LCP will be made available at PRMD’s office, local libraries and post offices, and on this website.

Public Workshops

Thanks to all of you who participated in the public workshops on the Preliminary Draft Local Coastal Plan at The Sea Ranch, Santa Rosa, Monte Rio, Bodega Bay, and Timber Cove. Summary notes are available at the links below. Staff will consider all comments in revising the LCP document and developing policy options for decision makers.

The Sea Ranch Workshop (PDF: 170 kB)

Santa Rosa Workshop (PDF: 202 kB)

Monte Rio Workshop (PDF: 180 kB)

Bodega Bay Workshop (PDF: 231 kB)

Timber Cove Workshop (PDF: 200 kB)

Review Preliminary Draft LCP


Element/Section Description File Size
I Introduction and Summary 182 kB
II Land Use Element 766 kB
III Agricultural Resources Element 478 kB
IV Open Space and Resource Conservation Element 1.25 MB
V Water Resources Element 420 kB
VI Public Safety Element 870 kB
VII Circulation and Transit Element 265 kB
VIII Public Facilities and Services Element 574 kB
IX Noise Element 258 kB
X Public Access Element 631 kB
XI Glossary 217 kB


Appendix Description File Size
A Public Access Plan 1.00 MB


Figure Description File Size
C-LU-1a thru 1k Land Use 12.6 MB
C-AR-1a thru 1k Agricultural Resources 10.6 MB
C-OSRC-1a thru 1k Designated Scenic Resource Areas 6.11 MB
C-OSRC-2a thru 2k Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas 5.31 MB
C-WR-1a thru 1c Watersheds and Subwatersheds 3.16 MB
C-WR-2a thru 2c Groundwater Basins 2.16 MB
C-PS-1a thru 1c Seismic Geologic Hazards 2.51 MB
C-PS-2a thru 2c Slope Instability Hazards 3.33 MB
C-PS-3a thru 3k Tsunami and Sea Level Rise Hazards 6.94 MB
C-PS-4a thru 4c Coastal Exposure Threat 2.05 MB
C-PS-5a thru 5c Role of Natural Habitat in Reducing Exposure 1.87 MB
C-PS-6a thru 6c Wildland Fire Threat 1.91 MB
C-CT-1a thru 1c Road and Bikeway Classification 2.48 MB
C-PF-1a thru 1c Fire Districts 2.43 MB
C-PF-2a thru 2c School Districts 2.38 MB
C-PA-1a thru 1k Public Access 5.78 MB


  • E-Mail:

  • Letter: Permit & Resource Management Department, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
               (Attention: Cecily Condon)

  • Phone: (707) 565-7383 (Lisa Posternak)


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