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The Sonoma County Joint Labor Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC) is a committee of approximately fifty individuals representing the interests of labor unions and associations, administrative management, County management, and retirees.

The purpose of the JLMBC is to develop a retiree and active employee health program that provides quality care and is fiscally sustainable for all parties. The current focus of committee discussions is to examine cost containment approaches for the management of the County's health benefits program, while maintaining the quality of the benefits available to employees and retirees.

The JLMBC is currently discussing options, which address the cost of health care. Historically, the JLMBC has worked on a wide range of issues including health benefit plan design, administrative costs, and evaluation of medical claims' cost. For the past ten months, the JLMBC has worked to better understand the problems associated with the escalating cost of health insurance for Sonoma County employees and retirees. Most recently, the committee has discussed possible methods of addressing these problems.