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Health Resources for Teens
(For Teen Eyes Only)

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Complied by Sonoma County Teen Health Advocacy Committee (THAC); updated July 2013.

  • Most services are free or low-cost.
  • School counselors, clergy and health practitioners may be able to provide additional resources and support.
  • All phone numbers have a 707 area code unless otherwise noted.
  • To access Kaiser services, you must be a member, except for buying Emergency Contraception.
  • Check websites for more phone numbers and links:,,, and

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24 Hour Hotlines/Emergency

Alcohol or Drug Overdose 911
HIV Night-line (5pm-5am 7 days/week) 1-800-273-2437
Social Advocates for Youth 1-800-SAY-0012
National Runaway Hotline 1-800-786-2929
Anonymous reporting weapon threats at school 1-866-SPEAK-UP
Verity (formerly United Against Sexual Assault) 545-RAPE (7273)
YWCA Domestic Violence Hotline 546-1234

Shelters/Drop-in and Teen Centers

The Dr. Coffee Teen Shelter (drop-in teen shelter) 1-888-729-0012
VOICES Sonoma 579-4327
CHOPS (drop-in teen center) 284-2467
Tamayo Village (Long term housing) 544-5446
Sonoma Valley Teen Services 939-1452

To Report Child Abuse or Neglect

Child Protective Services 565-4304


Mental health services are also available at many health centers.

Community Counseling Center/Rohnert Park 664-4215
The Center for Social and Environmental Stewardship Windsor/Cloverdale 838-6641
Elsie Allen High School Health Center 583-8777
Family Service Agency 545-4551
Forestville Teen Clinic 887-0427
Kaiser Permanente/Santa Rosa 571-3778
Kaiser Permanente/Petaluma 765-3565
Petaluma People Services Center 765-8488
Santa Rosa Junior College/Santa Rosa (for SRJC students) 527-4445
Santa Rosa Junior College/Petaluma (for SRJC students) 778-3919
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospice (grief services) 568-1094
Social Advocates for Youth/Santa Rosa 544-3299
Social Advocates for Youth/Sonoma 996-7991
Sonoma County Indian Health 521-4550
Sonoma County Mental Health 565-6900
Sonoma County Adult & Youth Development
(Rohnert Park/Cotati youth)
793-9030 x105
Sutter VNA and Hospice (grief services) 535-5780
Verity (formerly United Against Sexual Assault) 545-7270 x14
West County Community Services 829-5717

Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Counseling

Al-A-Teen groups (alcoholic family situations) 575-6760 x 1
Alcoholics Anonymous 544-1300
Narcotics Anonymous 324-4062
California Smokers' Helpline (to quit tobacco) 1-800-NO-BUTTS
Drug Abuse Alternatives Center (DAAC)
Alcohol/Drug Treatment & Needle Exchange
Kaiser Permanente - Santa Rosa
Smoking cessation programs
Chemical dependency services
Kaiser Permanente - Petaluma
Smoking cessation programs
Chemical dependency services

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual & Transgender Youth Support Groups

Positive Images - Counseling for Queer/Questioning Youth 579-4947
Positive Images - Gay-Straight Alliances 579-4947
Positive Images 1 (866) PI-LGBTQ
Peer Counseling
Sonoma County Gay/Lesbian Info and Referral 526-0442
Sonoma County Transclinic (Vista Family Health Center) 303-3600

Counseling for Issues with Food and Body

Eating Disorders Outreach, Petaluma = Info & support group for issues with eating disorders 778-7849
Kaiser Permanente 571-3778
Psych Strategies 303-3243

Legal Assistance

California Rural Legal Assistance (for all Sonoma County) 528-9941
Sonoma County Legal Aid 542-1290
Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation 546-2924
Victim Assistance Center 565-8250

Sonoma County Department of Health Services Referral line
Referrals for pregnancy care, family planning, dental and other community resources.

Medi-Cal, Eligibility and Economic Assistance

Confidential Medical Services for Sexuality

Parents don't have to be notified. Anything you say about sex, drugs, and feelings is confidential unless you tell us:
    - You are being abused
    - You are going to hurt yourself or someone else

T=Teens only; G=Guys clinic; D=Drop-in services; A=Abortion services provided

Alexander Valley Healthcare /Cloverdale 894-4229
Alliance Medical Center/Healdsburg 433-5494
Alliance Medical Center/Windsor 837-0119
Alliance Medical Center Teen Clinic (T) (D) 431-1170
Elsie Allen High School Health Center/Santa Rosa (T)
Open to Sonoma County students 12-19 years.
Teen Clinic at CASA (T) (D) 887-0427
Kaiser Permanente/ Petaluma (OB/Gyn) 765-3940
Kaiser Permanente/Santa Rosa
Pediatrics 393-4033
OB/Gyn 393-4081 (A)
Occidental Area Health Center 874-2444
Petaluma Health Center (T) (D) 559-7543
Phoenix Teen Clinic/Petaluma (T) (D) 217-3383
Planned Parenthood/Santa Rosa (A) (D) 527-7656
Russian River Health Center/Guerneville 869-2849
Santa Rosa Junior College Health Services*
*Must be enrolled student to receive services
Santa Rosa Junior College /Petaluma*
*Must be enrolled student to receive services
Sebastopol Community Health Center 824-9999
Sonoma County Indian Health Project/Santa Rosa 521-4545
Sonoma State University Student Health Center*
*Must be enrolled student to receive services
Sonoma Valley Community Health Center/Sonoma (T) 939-6070
Santa Rosa Community Health Centers/Santa Rosa
Lombardi Clinic (T) (D) (G)
Vista Family Health Center (T) (A) (G)
Women's Health Specialists/Santa Rosa (A) (D) (G) 537-1171

Text "HOOKUP" to 61827 to get started; then CLINIC + ur zip code to find a clinic near u:

  • Birth control including condoms and emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • STD testing including HIV

Condom Access Project - visit to learn where to pick up free condoms in Sonoma County.

Emergency contraception (EC) is known as the morning-after pill. There are different brands available: Plan B, Next Choice and Ella. It can prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Be prepared, request EC from your clinic along with your regular birth control method.

EC is available at most clinics and some pharmacies. lists local clinics & pharmacies that provide EC.

EC is FREE for those with a prescription and an up-to-date Family PACT or Medi-Cal card. For those paying cash, cost will vary. As of June 30, 2013, a prescription is required for those less than 17 years to obtain EC but it is likely that new rules will go into effect later this year. Check with your pharmacy.

ACCESS Healthline: 800-376-4636
Provides referral to abortion services in the bay area and assists women with transportation and other barriers if needed.

Support for Pregnant Teens and Teen Parents

Teen Parent Connections 565-4440

The California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide has information you might need to know about your body, being a parent and laws that might affect you: English | Spanish

Free Adoption Information and Services

County of Sonoma, Human Services Department; Family, Youth & Children's Division, 1202 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa 565-4300

Safely Surrendered Baby Law: A parent who is unable or unwilling to care for their new baby can legally, confidentially, and safely give up their child within 3 days of birth. No name or other information must be given. The baby should be brought to a hospital emergency room.

Disclaimer: The Sonoma County Department of Health Services makes no assumption of quality and makes no warranties regarding providers appearing in this resource guide. This resource guide simply a public listing provided for consumer convenience, and is not a recommendation or endorsement by the Department.

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