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County of Sonoma California

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Where to Get Tested

The best place to get tested for an STD is your doctor's office or clinic. STD testing is also available at these locations in Sonoma County.

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing Calendar (pdf)

STD Fact Sheets

These STD fact sheets, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provide information on the most common STDs. Two of the fact sheets provide education on STD detection and treatment in the context of HIV prevention as well as STDs in relation to pregnancy.

Bacterial Vaginosis: English | Spanish

Chlamydia: English | Spanish

Genital HPV Infection: English | Spanish

Genital Herpes: English | Spanish

Gonorrhea: English | Spanish

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: English | Spanish

Syphilis: English | Spanish (pdf)

STD Detection and Treatment in HIV Prevention: English | Spanish (pdf)

STDs and Pregnancy: English | Spanish

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