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County of Sonoma California

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Environmental Drilling Permits

Environmental drilling is required for investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. Various agencies may have jurisdiction over these investigations and cleanups. Environmental drilling is also conducted for Real Estate Phase 2 environmental assessments. In accordance with the Sonoma County well ordinance, environmental drilling permits for these activities are issued by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services (DHS).

Permits for water supply wells and geotechnical borings are issued by the Sonoma County Permit Resource Management Department. However, when geotechnical borings are proposed on known contaminated sites, drilling permits are issued by DHS.

DHS also administers the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Local Oversight Program (LOP) for petroleum fuel releases. When environmental drilling is proposed on these sites, DHS has the dual role of overseeing the investigation and cleanup, and issuing environmental drilling permits. The LOP caseworkers are responsible for both of these functions.

When environmental drilling is performed on sites where other agencies, such as the Regional Water Quality Control Board, have lead authority, the Environmental Health Specialist assigned to the Environmental Drilling Program issues the drilling permits. Permits for environmental assessments are also the responsibility of this staff person.


Environmental drilling permit applications must be signed by a C-57 state licensed contractor. Applications are available online (pdf) or at 625 5th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. After being filled out and signed (original signature only), applications may be submitted in person or by mail to DHS, along with the appropriate fee (pdf). Applications may not be faxed. Note: LOP site permits are fee-exempt when the drilling is directed by LOP staff.


Environmental Health and Safety Programs
625 5th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 565-6565

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