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Child Health and Disability Prevention

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The Child Health and Disability Prevention Program provides complete health assessments for the early detection and prevention of disease and disability in children and youth, offered at no cost to families that meet eligibility criteria. Health assessment services include:

  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Dental assessment
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Developmental assessment
  • Lab tests for anemia, blood lead poisoning and tuberculosis
  • Health education

For Parents

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Preventive health exams can help children stay healthy, find health problems early, and answer many health questions. Through the CHDP program, eligible children and youth receive periodic preventive health exams. Children with suspected problems are then referred for diagnosis and treatment. Many health problems can be prevented or corrected, or the severity reduced, by early detection and prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Who provides CHDP services?
Private physicians, community health centers, and some local school districts provide CHDP health assessments at no charge to income-eligible families throughout Sonoma County. Sonoma County has over 50 CHDP provider offices.

Is my child eligible for CHDP services?
If your child receives Medi-Cal health benefits, they are eligible for the CHDP program. Children whose families meet the program's income guidelines are also eligible. Call the CHDP program at (707) 565-4460 or 1-800-427-8982 to learn if your child qualifies.

What else does CHDP offer?

Referrals: Parents can connect with a Certified Application Assistor who will help determine which insurance program is best for your child or family.

Outreach and Education: The CHDP program can participate in community events such as health fairs and festivals and provide health educational materials to physician offices. The CHDP program has health information on many topics ranging from nutrition to child safety.

CHDP Gateway: Using an automated pre-enrollment process, the CHDP program is a "Gateway" for over one million uninsured children to the Medi-Cal and Healthy Families health insurance programs.

Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC): The Sonoma County CHDP program administers this public health nursing program, working with County child welfare services agencies and the probation department to address the medical, dental, mental and developmental needs of children and youth in foster care.

For information and referrals contact CHDP at (707) 565-4460 or 1-800-427-8982.

For Health Providers

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How to Become a CHDP Provider
To apply to participate as a health assessment provider in the CHDP program, qualified individuals and entities must apply to the local CHDP program in each local jurisdiction in which they wish to render services. For more information and to download the application documents, please visit the California CHDP website.

Educational Brochures
The CHDP program has numerous health education materials available to Sonoma County CHDP providers. Topics include Nutrition, Lead Poisoning, Safety, Immunizations, Dental Health, Tobacco, and Teen Health. The health materials are free of charge and can be ordered by using our Health Education Form available by calling the CHDP program.

Overview Training
CHDP conducts Overview Training to help CHDP providers and their staff successfully implement the CHDP program in their office. All staff involved with CHDP clients are welcome to attend. The training provides an overview of the CHDP Program, incorporating the patient assessment, documentation, tobacco assessment/counseling, dental classifications, and billing (PM 160) aspects of the program.

For more information about these provider services, please contact CHDP at (707) 565-4460 or 1-800-427-8982.

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Child Health and Disability Prevention
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Toll-free: (800) 427-8982
Phone: (707) 565-4460
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