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North Bay Suicide Prevention Project


The North Bay Suicide Prevention (NBSP) project is a regional initiative aimed at expanding accredited, locally responsive Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline services to six North Bay communities. NPSP will reduce suicide in the six North Bay counties of Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Solano, and Mendocino. By 2015, all people living in North Bay counties will have access to immediate, confidential, high quality and effective 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline services. The hub of services will be located at Family Service Agency of Marin (FSA), which will serve as the NBSP lead agency. The project is a collaboration between FSA and the six North Bay county governments.

The expansion of accredited Hotline services into the North Bay counties will be guided by the NBSP Regional Council consisting of county Liaison representatives from the six collaborative partners. The project will unfold in each county beginning with a needs assessment that engages all segments of the local community, including (but not limited to) public and private service providers, racial and ethnically diverse community groups and leaders, mental health consumer and family members, youth and seniors, LGBTQ representatives, and other constituents. The needs assessment will help inform the expansion of Hotline services and lead to the establishment of local Suicide Prevention Committees. These county committees, supported by NBSP staff and county Liaisons, will guide local efforts to develop and implement Action Plans to prevent and reduce suicide. NBSP will provide technical support, training and seed funds to help with implementation of county plans.

The NBSP Regional Council and county Suicide Prevention Committees will assist in developing a realistic and viable sustainability plan to support Hotline and other related services long into the future.

Target Population

The target population for this project is all residents of Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties who are in need of 24-hour support, counseling and crisis intervention services.


  1. Enhance FSA's staff, telecommunications and data systems in order to prepare for expansion of services into four additional counties.
  2. Establish an NBSP Regional Council to provide overall direction and guidance to NBSP, and develop linkages to connect county operations to NBSP.
  3. Conduct community needs assessment in each county through electronic and written surveys, focus groups and key informant interviews.
  4. IV. Develop and implement local community plans for the establishment of Marin-based accredited hotline services in each county, including publicity campaigns to inform the public about the availability of 24/7 services.
  5. V. Develop local Suicide Prevention Committees in each county that will assist in identifying local needs and oversee implementation of Action Plans.


The outcome for the NBSP project is to increase the reach and capacity of accredited hotline services and actively supporting the development of locally designed suicide prevention activities, including warm lines. Linkages will be established between the hotline, warm lines, and peer support services through the Suicide Prevention Committees, and the commitment of NBSP staff to maximize coordination and cooperation. Linguistic and cultural capability/capacity of hotlines and alternative forms of communication will be established and guided by the community. Local Suicide Prevention Action Plans will seek to increase prevention and early intervention activities, including engagement with consumers and their family members, across the lifespan and across gender, racial, ethnic and cultural communities.


For more information about this Mental Health Services Act funded project, please contact us at

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