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Alcohol and Other Drug administration and some programs are located at the Orenda Center. Additional offices and programs are located at Coddingtown; the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility and North County Detention Facility; Los Guilicos; Human Services; and satellite DUI Program offices in Petaluma, Sonoma and Guerneville.

Orenda Center
1430 Neotomas Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 565-7450

Addiction Treatment Services and Providers

These community agencies are under contact with DHS to provide addiction treatment services. The Division provides oversight, training, quality assurance and site monitoring for the programs.

Adolescent Treatment Program

Provides assessment, education, individual and group counseling services to juvenile (under age 18) detainees at Los Guilicos, Probation Camp, and Sierra Youth Center; outpatient counseling services at six community sites; one community residential treatment bed; and education in a clean-and-sober school setting. The program is a coordinated effort between DHS and two community providers.

Alcohol and Drug (AOD) Problem Assessment Program

Assessment program for persons dismissed from the Multiple Offender Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program for the first time for a reason other than non-payment. The Court may also order any person convicted of a DUI to the program. A DHS staff person performs a client assessment, and the Court is required to review and consider the assessment report to determine the need for treatment services in addition to referral back to the DUI program.

Dependency Drug Court (DDC)

Dependency drug court is a court-supervised, comprehensive case-management and treatment program in coordination with the Youth and Children Division of the Human Services Department. The program is designed for parents and guardians whose children have been removed or are in danger of being removed from their care as a result of child abuse or neglect partially stemming from the parent's alcohol or other drug use. It is designed to be a voluntary twelve-month program that includes regular court appearances before the Dependency Drug Court Judicial Officer, community alcohol and other drug treatment, 12-step participation, comprehensive treatment program for families to include family support and developmental services for children, and other support services.

Participant Guide (pdf)

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Compliance Court Program

DUI Compliance Court is a program for multiple DUI offenders. Through collaboration between the courts and community treatment providers, clients are provided case management and compliance services and alcohol and other drug education in outpatient and residential settings. The program provides clients the opportunity to address their addiction while remaining active members of the community. Participants are monitored by the court system with the dual goals of remaining abstinent from alcohol and other drugs, as well as not driving under the influence.

Drug Court

A minimum nine-month program based on intensive outpatient and residential community treatment services and frequent court supervision designed to support voluntary, positive behavioral change. The Drug Court Program provides the opportunity to form a unique partnership between the criminal justice system, the drug treatment community, and the offender.

Drug Free Babies

A collaborative case management program for pregnant and delivering women, designed to reduce the negative impact of prenatal tobacco, alcohol and other drug exposure. Participating prenatal care providers use an oral interview tool to screen all pregnant patients. Hospitals use the newborn needs assessment to screen all delivering women and newborns. Women who need help quitting use are encouraged to meet with a specially-trained alcohol and other drug counselor at a variety of locations (clinic, hospital or counseling office) to be assessed and offered the most appropriate level of treatment services.

Download Drug Free Babies brochure (pdf)

Drug Testing - PassPoint

Testing instructions: (707) 565-7470

Random pupil scanned drug screenings (PassPoint) services for individuals enrolled in Sonoma County case management programs. Urinalysis testing is done for community AOD contract providers, and other court referrals as well as individuals with positive PassPoint screens. Testing analysis is done through Redwood Toxicology.

In-Custody Starting Point Program

Starting Point provides AOD services for inmates at the North County Detention Facility (NCDF). In Phase I of the In-Custody program, male inmates are located in a designated single housing unit, which is populated exclusively with inmates participating in the program. Phase II of the program consists of residential treatment placement in the community. Program activities include group and individual counseling sessions, community meetings, and discussion groups covering a range of topics relating to alcohol and other drug use and abuse, recovery, life skills, and post-release planning. Inmates participating in the program are required to attend weekly AA and NA meetings in all phases of the program.

Sonoma County Advisory Board on Alcohol and Drug Problems

Monthly meetings are open to the public, and are held in Room 1 at the Orenda Center, 1430 Neotomas Avenue, in Santa Rosa.


Sonoma WITS (SWITS) is a Web-based solution that is specifically designed to meet the data management needs of Sonoma County AODS, its contract providers, and the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

SonomaWORKS Welfare Reform Alcohol and Drug Services

AODS counselors work at the Human Services Employment and Training Services Division to provide screening, assessment, and case management as part of the welfare to work team process. We contract with specific treatment agencies to provide necessary services to eligible clients with alcohol and drug problems that are barriers to employment.

Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC)

Provides advocacy, case management, assessment and treatment placement and supervision services for adults currently involved in the criminal justice system and who are ready to participate in treatment. TASC services include treatment assessment for eligible inmates; placement in AOD community treatment services; advocacy with the Probation Department, the District Attorneys Office, and the clients defense attorney to promote treatment in lieu of jail; regular counseling sessions until the individual is placed in treatment; supervision throughout and following treatment services; and monitoring compliance through random drug testing.

Turning Point - Orenda Detox

Drug Abuse Alternatives Center staff are available 24 hours a day at the Orenda Center for alcohol and other drug detoxification services. The Detox Program has fifteen beds, open to males and females, in a social model (non-medical) live-in program usually lasting 72 hours. It is designed to provide evaluation and supportive services to assist acutely intoxicated individuals in withdrawing from the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse and plan for continuing recovery.


Alcohol and Other Drug
Administration and Services
The Orenda Center
1430 Neotomas Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 565-7450

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