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County of Sonoma California

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Fire information
Fire Information


The Accounting section is responsible for all functions relating to budgets, payments for goods and services and billing for services provided.

Budgets: Includes preparation and monitoring of annual departmental and divisional budgets.

Accounts Payable: Includes ordering of goods and services, processing of claims for payment and recording of all expenditures.

Accounts Receivable: Includes the recording of all amounts due and payable to the Department, the preparation of invoices and billing documents, and the collection of all funds. This is the location for payment of any bills received. The office is open from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm. Phone (707) 565-4789.

General Accounting: Includes the preparation of all reports and/or fiscal documents as required by the County, State or Federal Governments for grants or other appropriations of funds to the department.

County Medical Services Program (CMSP)

The Sonoma County program for the medically indigent is provided through the California County Medical Services Program (CMSP). This program serves residents who are single, meet federal poverty guidelines for income, and otherwise are not eligible for medical treatment under Medi-Cal.

Summary of Eligibility

Eligibility FAQ's

CMSP benefits are administered by Blue Cross where you may also find CMSP providers by following their "find a doctor" link. Eligibility determinations for the CMSP program are done by the Sonoma County Human Services Department, phone (877) 699-6868.

Facilities Management

Facilities management provides for building maintenance and janitorial services, rental property contracts, capital projects, security, utilities and data processing support systems.


The payroll staff prepare payroll and maintain departmental personnel records, including employee benefit expense reimbursements, memoranda of understanding, budget position control reports, and requests to fill vacant positions.

Applicants for employment should contact the Sonoma County Human Resources Department at (707) 565-2331.

Procurement and Contract Management Program

Procurement and contracts management includes storeroom and delivery services, purchasing, contracts review and records management services. For information on bids for purchase contracts, contact the General Services Department Purchasing Agent at (707) 565-2433.

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