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Special Events and Special Permits

Special Events:

Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services Department is responsible for all special events located in the unincorporated area of Sonoma County. It is the responsibility of the event holder to comply with all State and Local codes. The Applicant is required to fill out and return the special event form along with site maps and description of the event. This application is additional to the paper work required by Permit and Resource Management Department . A copy will be forwarded to the local fire authority for review. Applications should be submitted 30 days prior to the start of the event. Events submitted after the 30 days are subject to additional fees.

Material Handouts and Forms:

Special Permits:

A special operational permit is required for facilities and special uses that meets the criteria of the California Fire Code (CFC) and the fee schedule. Review the schedule to verify if the facility in question must be permitted according to the adopted Fire Code Chapter 1, Sec 105-105.7.13 CFC.

Permits will be reviewed annually and an inspection may be performed if required by the Fire Code. Chapter 1, Sec 106 CFC.

Permits can be revoked at anytime if the permit holder fails to correct deficiencies noted by the Fire Code Official Chapter 1, Sec. 105.5 CFC.

Facilities that fail to acquire a permit in a reasonable time allowed are subject to citation for operation with out a permit Chapter 1, Sec. 109 CFC

Applications and Fee's:


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