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Sonoma County Film Office Montage of Sonoma County Scenery


Dear Filmmaker:

Thank you for your interest in filming in Sonoma County, California. Our goal at the Sonoma County Film Office is to provide you with assistance that can help reduce costly delays.

To make it easier for filmmakers and photographers to navigate through Sonoma County, the various cities within the county have agreed to utilize the Unified Film Permit Application form. In general, each jurisdiction's terms and conditions are summarized in the instructions, which will help expedite the permitting process for filmmakers and photographers in the county. The organization of these instructions is outlined as:

and Indemnification/Hold Harmless Requirements for Permitting Jurisdictions (2.1), General Conditions (restrictions, clean & restore, penalties) (2.2), Parking Plan (2.3), Special Effects (2.4); and Code of Conduct.

The appendices are intended to assist you in filling out the application and to understand the terms and conditions of each jurisdiction in Sonoma County.

A completed application and Film Production Plan requires an assortment of submittals including a description of scenes to be filmed, a detailed parking plan, and permission forms from private property and business owners affected by the film production. In all cases, applicants must agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City/County, its agents, employees and contractors from any liability and expenses arising from filming activity. In most jurisdictions a refundable cash deposit is required and insurance is required to be in effect during the entire duration of filming.

Please take a moment to review these instructions before you file your application(s), and don't hesitate to call the Sonoma County Film Office should you require assistance.

For special ordinances, fee schedules and/or supplemental permitting information contact:

Agency or CityContactPhone NumberWeb Page
California Highway PatrolOfficer Miguel Luevano (707) 588-1400 State Film Permits
Cloverdale Jerry Haag(707) 894-1721
Cotati Jen O’Hagan(707) 665-3636City Facility Rentals
HealdsburgKelly Black(707) 431-3303 Healdsburg Film Permits
Monte Rio Recreation & Park District Dawn Bell (707) 865-9956
PetalumaKatie Crump(707) 778-4345Petaluma Film Permits
Petaluma Downtown AssociatesMarie McCusker(707) 762-9348Petaluma Downtown Association
Rohnert ParkJoAnne Buergler(707) 588-2240
Santa RosaTara Matheny-Schuster(707) 543-4512Santa Rosa Film Permits
SebastopolKenyon Webster (707) 823-6167 Sebastopol Film Permits
Sonoma (City of)Lisa Janson(707) 938-3681Sonoma Film Permits
Sonoma Coast/Russian River State ParksLiz Beale(707) 865-2391
Sonoma County Airport Gloria Cote (707) 565-7244 Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport (STS)
Sonoma County Regional ParksJill Meuchel(707) 565-2041
Sonoma County Roads Oriana Duranczyk(707) 565-1900Film Permits
State of CaliforniaCatherine Adamic (323) 860-2960 State Film Permits
Windsor (Town of)Kim Jordan(707) 838-5332

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sample documents | code of conduct

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