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"Our mission is to ensure that children receive the services regarding parentage and financial support to which they are legally entitled"
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Monthly Statement of Collections & Distribution

The Monthly Statement of Collections and Distributions tells you about support that was received or paid out during the previous month. If you have questions about the information in the notice or if you believe any of the information on the notice is wrong, please contact the DCSS or review the back of the notice regarding your Notice of Hearing Rights. The following information may help you understand the information on the monthly notice:

Date of Receipt: the date that the DCSS actually received the payment.

Date of Collection: the month to which a support collection applies. All support collections, with the exception of IRS tax refund intercepts, are first applied to current support for the month of the Date of Collection. The Date of Collection may be earlier than the Date of Receipt. For collections by wage assignments, the Date of Collection is the date the employer withheld support from the NP's wages. If the collection was made by another state or county and was from a source other than a wage assignment or unemployment benefit or disability benefit intercept, the Date of Collection is the date the other state or county received the support collection.

Child Support Collected in TANF Cases: If you received public assistance, the distributions will show how much support was paid to you and to the county under the heading, WELFARE.

Disregard Paid to you: Disregard payments come from current support only. Whether a payment is current support is decided by the Date of Collection. You are entitled to only the first $50 of support collected for the current month. This $50 limit applies even if current support is collected from more than one NP or for more than one child. This money is called a "disregard" because it is not counted against your TANF grant. If no child support is received in a month then no "disregard" payment is sent to you.

Disregard payments are sent to you within two days of receipt of an eligible child support payment by the DCSS.

All collections received from IRS income tax refund intercepts must be applied to arrears (past due support) only. No disregards or current support are paid from this money.

Excess: This is past due support that is paid to you after all public assistance has been repaid. Unlike disregard payments, excess payments are taken into account when the amount of your TANF grant is determined. You must report excess payments on your public assistance income report.

Child Support Collected for Non-welfare Families: If you did not receive public assistance during any month the DCSS collected support for you, the distributions will show payments for current support or arrears (past due support) paid to you under the heading NON-WELFARE.

You must be paid all of the support collected up to the amount set as current support in the court order. This support is sent to you no later than two (2) days after the support is received by the DCSS.

Other Information About the Notice: If you have been on and off TANF, you may see distribution amounts under both WELFARE and NON-WELFARE.

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