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Sonoma County
Victim Services Division


Being a victim of crime can be a traumatic event for both the victim and for family members. In an effort to help victims from the time a crime occurs and throughout the court process, all California counties offer a victim services program. The Sonoma County Victim Assistance Center provides a variety of services to victims and their families, such as crisis and emergency assistance, employer/creditor intervention, court support/escort, case status, assistance with victim impact statements, criminal justice system orientation, and resource/referral assistance. The center can also help with property return, restitution assistance and victim compensations claims. It is essential that victims understand their rights within the criminal justice system and not be victimized again by a system intended to help them.

Eligibility requirements for different services may vary, so please inquire about what services are available for you and your family.
As a victim, you have a right to be:

  • Treated with dignity and compassion
  • Protected from intimidation and harm
  • Informed about the criminal justice system and the status of your case
  • Aware of the various services and resources available
  • Helped in dealing with the system and be accompanied to court for support
  • Heard and your opinions considered at the sentencing and parole phases of a criminal case
  • Compensated for injuries, wage loss, and funeral expenses.

Victim advocates are available to listen to your concerns and fears, provide emotional support, and help you understand the criminal justice system. The center's advocates will also help you complete Victim of Crime compensation claims for medical and counseling bills or aid you in recovering lost income or funeral expenses directly related to the crime.


Victim Assistance Center (A unit of the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office)
1000 Coddingtown Ctr., Suite 101
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-3513
(707) 565-8250


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