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Visitors to this site can leave a message for us by using this link:Feedback Form or visitors can use the directory information below to contact CDC personnel.

Office Location:

1440 Guerneville Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-4107
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Telephone & E-mail Directory

Description Phone Number
Main Number (707) 565-7500
FAX (707) 565-7583
TDD (707) 565-7555

We are committed to answering your inquiries. Please contact ONE staff member and allow adequate response time. Contacting multiple staff members with the same inquiry will delay our ability to respond swiftly.

For general questions or to determine the appropriate staff member to speak with, please call (707) 565-7500.

Administrative Support

Name Title Phone E-mail
Main Reception Customer Service Team (707) 565-7501

Housing Authority/Rental Assistance




E-mail Prefix: add to these names

James Hackett

Housing Authority Manager

(707) 565-7520


Eligibility Section

Tracy Becker

Housing Authority Supervisor

(707) 565-7518


Cindy Rich

Senior Community Development Specialist

(707) 565-7524

Terry Gardezy

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7525


Jen Mazzamuto

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7527


Heather Bond

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7539

Lou Macias

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7536


Kia DeLaO

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7517


Crystal Carpenter

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7534


Michael Brown

Occupancy Specialist

(707) 565-7533


Office Support Staff

Cynthia Meiswinkel

Senior Office Support Supervisor

(707) 565-7519


Christie Wray

Senior Office Assistant

(707) 565-7540


Susan Anton

Office Assistant

(707) 565-7532


Leticia Huerta-Guzman

Office Assistant

(707) 565-7538


Kim Almanza

Office Assistant

(707) 565-7501


Suzanne Whipple

Office Assistant

(707) 565-7501


Community Partners Division

Name Title Phone E-mail Prefix: add to these names
Mark Krug Community Development Manager (707) 565-7509 mark.krug
Community Partners
Teddie Pierce Community Partners Supervisor & Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Coordinator (707) 565-7541 teddie.pierce
Valerie Johnson Community Development Specialist (707) 565-7514 valerie.johnson

Property Finance & Services

Name Title Phone E-mail Prefix: add to these names
John Haig Capital Programs Manager (707) 565-7508 john.haig
Kirsten Larsen Capital Programs Specialist (707) 565-7523 kirsten.larsen
Housing Finance Programs
Nick Stewart Affordable Housing & Finance Supervisor (707) 565-7901 nick.stewart
Angela Morgan Affordable Housing & Finance Specialist (707) 565-7551 angela.morgan
Construction Services
Fred Bengs Constructions Services Supervisor (707) 565-7542 fred.bengs
Matthew Dickey Constructions Services Specialist (707) 565-7545 matthew.dickey
Andrew Pozzi Constructions Services Specialist (707) 565-7553 andrew.pozzi


Name Title Phone E-mail Prefix: add to these names
Dawn Chandler Accountant III (707) 565-7512 dawn.chandler
Arvan Williams Accountant I (707) 565-7546 arvan.williams
Sandee French Accounting Tech (707) 565-7515 sandee.french
Carlos Ventura Account Clerk (707) 565-7511 carlos.ventura


Name Title Phone E-mail Prefix: add to these names
Kathleen H. Kane Executive Director (707) 565-7505 kathleen.kane
Fran Perdew Executive Secretary (707) 565-7505 fran.perdew