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About Us

The Auditor-Controller performs duties under the legal authority set forth in the California Code, principally those sections of the Government Code beginning with Sections 26880 and 26900. The Auditor-Controller's Office provides a broad range of financial accounting and auditing services to all County Departments, agencies, and districts whose funds are kept in the County Treasury. The office is organized in units, or teams as follows:

Administration Section

The Administrative Section directs the planning and implementation of programs required to provide quality service to County Departments and other agencies as required by law. In addition, staff within this unit provide administrative and secretarial support to all other divisions.

General Phone: (707) 565-2631

  • Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector: Erick Roeser, CPA
  • Assistant Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector: Amanda Thompson, CPA
  • Administrative Services Officer: Julianne Kamplain

Accounting Section

The General Accounting Section provides financial information to the public, other government agencies, and County Departments. It is also responsible for recording all receipts and disbursements of County monies and for maintaining budgetary control of various funds. This Section prepares the financial statements required by State law which include the annual audit, State report, final budget, and County-wide cost plan.

  • Accounting Manager: Levi Ehrlich, CPA

Audit Section

The Audit Section conducts audits of County Departments, Special Districts, Federal Grants, and State Grants. The Special District and Grant audits are either revenue-producing or mandated by law. Audits of County Departments are conducted when mandated, requested by the Board of Supervisors or when requested by the Department.

  • Audit Manager: Kanchan Charan

Client Accounting Services

The Client Accounting Services provides specific accounting services on a contractual basis for County Departments such as Public Works and the Water Agency. Other departments or entities may contract for services.

  • Client Accounting Manager: Randy Siple

Payroll Section

The Payroll Section issues paychecks to all County employees every two weeks. In addition, this Section is responsible for ensuring those payroll procedures and reports meet all legal requirements. The Payroll Section also develops and establishes controls for the payroll process

  • Payroll Manager:Cheryl Enold

Property Tax Section

The Property Tax Section is responsible for preparing the County-wide property tax levy. This levy creates the property tax bills that the Treasurer/Tax Collector mails to property owners annually. After the Tax Collector receives payment from property owners, the Property Tax Section is responsible for distributing the tax proceeds to all government agencies, cities, schools, special districts, and the County. This section also processes corrections to the tax roll.

  • Property Tax Manager: Brooke Koop