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eSubscribe Website Update Notification Service


The County of Sonoma now offers a free electronic subscription service that allows visitors to be notified when information on selected websites is updated. Subscribers are notified by automatic email notifications or by Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds.

Subscribers can choose from an expanding variety of topics and information categories that might be of interest such as:

  • News & Events – Press releases, news updates, election results, and calendars
  • Emergency Alerts – Health and safety information
  • Meetings – Announcements, calendars, agendas, and minutes
  • Publications – Reports, newsletters, and similar documents.

Website visitors can subscribe to any content that displays the Email Subscription logo.

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eSubscribe is provided by GovDelivery, a leading vendor of email subscription services for government agencies.


Email Subscriptions

How to Subscribe to Email Notifications

To subscribe to receive email notifications, simply register your email address and then select the information you wish to be notified about when it is updated. You can also subscribe to new alerts on any website containing our eSubscribe logo. Clicking on the logo will allow you to register a subscription for the information in that location.

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How to Change Subscription/User Information

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. Each email alert contains a link to change your subscription services or you can also return to our site to update your profile. You will also notice pages throughout the website containing our eSubscribe logo. Clicking on the logo will allow you to add a subscription for the information in that location.

Subscription Update – Add or delete specific subscriptions

User Profile – Cancel services, change your email address, add a secondary email address, change your delivery status, add or change an account password.


RSS Feed Subscriptions

What is RSS?

RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication," is an easy way to view news and content. RSS allows you to see updated items from multiple websites as they become available and you can see them all in one place.

Many websites and blogs now provide new information via RSS Feeds, which you subscribe to using an RSS Reader.Once you have subscribed, the Reader will automatically obtain, format and organize the information for you. In the Reader, you can browse the summaries for each feed and then go to the originating website if you wish to read more.

The County of Sonoma has begun offering updates to selected web pages in RSS format, as well as via email notifications. Any page that has an RSS Feed available will have the Feed link and icon RSS icon displayed. You can also view a list of the current RSS Feeds that the County of Sonoma offers.


How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

The first thing that you need in order to use an RSS Feed is an RSS-capable news reader. There are several different kinds:

  • A web browser which supports RSS, like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera
  • An online RSS Reader, like Google Reader, My Yahoo, Rocket, or Bloglines
  • An RSS Reader program, like FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, RSSFeedEater or RSS Bandit, which you download and install on your computer

How you subscribe will depend on which reader you have chosen, but it will usually involve entering the link address for the Feed into the reader. The Help or FAQ for the reader will give you more specific information about how to subscribe to RSS feeds.


How to Unsubscribe from an RSS Feed

As stated above in "How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds," the process to unsubscribe will depend on the reader that you are using. The Help or FAQ for the reader will give you more specific information about how to unsubscribe from RSS feeds.

  • Most browser based readers (e.g. Firefox or IE) will allow you delete the feed by deleting the Favorite/Bookmark for the Feed.
  • An online reader (e.g. Google Reader or MyYahoo) will usually have a link to manage your subscription, which will include a way to unsubscribe.


Privacy Policy

eSubscribe is a service provided free of charge by the County of Sonoma. Your email address will only be used to register you for email notifications and to allow you to access your account. For more details please read our Internet Privacy Policy or GovDelivery’s Privacy/Security Policy.


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We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please share your ideas with us and let us know how we can improve this service.